Hotel Jeffery, Coulterville, CA

A Tribute to a Bygone Hotel… from a bygone era.

Hotel Jeffery was a traditional gold country hotel, in Coulterville, California, which was built in 1851, and the building still retains its historic charm. The hotel, which had been running until fairly recently, has now permanently closed.

Hotel Jeffery, Established 1851

The below describes the hotel as it shall be remembered:

Nestled in the foothills of the Majestic Sierras near Yosemite stands a bit of history…the Hotel Jeffery in Coulterville, California. Built in 1851 for stagecoach passengers on their way to Yosemite, the Hotel Jeffery has hosted gold miners, Presidents, gun fighters and adventurers from every continent.

Today, the Hotel Jeffery offers the same historic hospitality and warmth that made it famous those many years ago. Newly restored to its original charm and beauty, Hotel Jeffery offers the perfect setting to while away the hours enjoying the historic gold rush town of Coulterville or to use as a base camp for nearby day expeditions into the celebrated Gold Country and Yosemite.

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2014 Fire at Hotel Jeffery

There was a fire at the Hotel Jeffery in 2014, as described in this video:

Despite the fire, the building was looking in fine condition in April 2021, when this Google street view image was taken:

Hotel Jeffery in April 2021, Google Street View

You can see the hotel had been restored and repaired from the fire damage. Who knows, maybe this historic hotel will be back serving guests soon?

Other Hotels called Jeff

Not to be confused with The Jeffrey Hotel, which is in South Lake Tahoe.

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