Hotels in India: Car and Driver Private Day Tours

One of the ways Indians like to travel is in a car with a driver, on private day tours. There’s a number of reasons this is so popular:

  1. Air conditioning – a lot of the time, in many Indian regions, it can be very hot and humid in India. Air conditioned cars are a real benefit when travelling around India.
  2. Challenging Driving – driving in India can be very challenging, and requires a little local knowledge to push your way through permanently busy streets; you’ve also got to be aware out in the country of animals, horse drawn vehicles, cow drawn vehicles, and vehicles coming the wrong way up your side of the road, on a pretty regular basis.
  3. Getting dropped off and picked up – parking is not always straightforward, so having someone to collect you from a hotel – and when you arrive at a tour destination – is a great way to simply avoid this.

Hotels in India Map

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